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About Me

Karen E. Sherwood, LCSW-C


Being a therapist is a very important part of my life’s work.   I am grateful for the opportunity to see my patients learn about themselves, work through painful moments, take new risks, and achieve successes.    


I have 20 years of experience in the field, 14 years in private practice, and a continued dedication to post-graduate training.  I received my Masters of Social Work (MSW) from The University of Maryland School of Social Work in 2001.  


My early experiences at RICA-Rockville and The Pathways Schools impacted me greatly.  It was during this initial, 6-year period of working with seriously emotionally disturbed middle school children and high school adolescents and their families, dealing with unimaginable personal experiences of loss, trauma, and /or abuse, which left them overwhelmed and at times suicidal that led me searching to find post-graduate training that would further equip me to help people significantly change their lives.  


I began to pursue training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and view myself as a life-long student of this complex theory of mind.  This training has given me a strong foundation.  I’m skilled at listening to people’s problems in a specialized way that helps people gain insight and understanding in what’s going on for them at a deep and life changing emotional level.  


In addition to my private practice, I enjoy being a part of helping professionals learn about  psychodynamic psychotherapy.  I am on the Steering Committee of the International Psychotherapy Institute (IPI) DC Metro and a National Faculty at the International Psychotherapy Institute (IPI) - National.    


Theoretical Orientation


My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  The psychodynamic approach stresses discussion of a patient’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in order to identify unwanted repeating patterns in life. It also focuses on making connections between our therapy relationship and your other relationships.  For more information about this orientation, please read Jonathan Shedler's landmark article The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy or for the more popularized version of the article see Getting to Know Me.  In addition to my training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, I also incorporate cognitive behavioral and other techniques when necessary to support the treatment.



Professional License


License Certified Social Worker - Clinical, LCSW-C in Maryland



Professional Affiliations






Post Graduate Training


International Psychotherapy Institute, 2005 - present                                    

Advanced Psychotherapy Program, 2010-2013                                                       

Infant Observation Seminar, 2012                                                                         

Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy, 2010-2012                                                          

Core Psychotherapy Program, 2007-2009                                                              

Psychotherapy Training Program, 2005-2007                                                          

Washington School of Psychiatry, 2012                                             Supervision Trainging Program 

Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, 2008                                   Child Psychotherapy Fellowship Program                                                        

Washington School of Psychiatry, 2004                                                             Child and Adolescent Study Group                                                                

Universtiy of Maryland Baltimore, 2003                                            

Certificate Program in Child and Adolescent Treatment


Faculty Positons 

International Psychotherapy Institute, 2013-present                                                                                                                                                                              

Co-Chair of the International Psychotherapy Institute, DC-Metro, 2011-2014


Karen E. Sherwood, LCSW-C, LLC

Adult, Adolescent, Couple, Family, and Marriage Counseling


847-E Quince Orchard Boulevard

Gaithersburg, MD  20878


Call: 301-938-3890


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