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Why Psychotherapy?

Life's journey can sometimes be a difficult road.  You may face challenges with people in your life.  In addition, you may experience some conflicts within yourself.

These relationships may be causing you a great deal of emotional distress. Perhaps you have begun to notice a repeating pattern in your interactions and you want this to change.  I specialize in helping adolescents, adults, couples, and families to improve their ability to relate with others through counseling and therapy.  


I maintain a non-judgmental attitude and provide a safe, confidential space for you to have your thoughts and feelings.  Together we will work to understand your relationships with others and yourself.  Over time, you will gain insight and process difficult feelings.  You will find yourself increasingly able to move through life in a more present, thought out, and successful manner.


Deciding to contact a counselor or enter therapy is not always an easy decision.  However, when you find that your usual ways of coping are not enough, it is necessary.  I am a well trained psychotherapist who will listen, understand, and help you resolve your problems.  Contact me and we can explore working together to meet your needs.

My commitment, experience, and sensitivity are

essential to our work together. 

Benefits of Psychotherapy



 Karen E. Sherwood, LCSW-C, LLC

Adult, Adolescent, Couple, Family, and Marriage Counseling

847-E Quince Orchard Boulevard

Gaithersburg, MD  20878


Call: 301-938-3890


Verified counselor/therapist by Psychology Today.

Registered member of for providing counseling and therapy services.

Good Therapy Registered Member for counseling and therapy service.

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